Call it the PCC® for short

Call it your go-to local resource for learning, innovating, sustaining, competing, and building your business. The PCC program is a postal-sponsored organization that helps large and small businesses maximize profits with mailing and shipping. The PCC program offers education, training, and best practices for cost-effective mailing and shipping, plus help strategically implementing solutions to your local challenges.

Five ways PCC membership can change the game for your business

1. Gain knowledge and insights regarding the Postal Service™ products, services, and innovations

Get timely, close-up looks at the Postal Service products, services, procedures, and tools that can help you improve your mail quality and streamline your fulfillment to grow your business. The PCC program also offers opportunities to discuss your mailing and shipping needs with a local USPS® representative.

2. Build relationships

Take the opportunity to network with other businesses, mail service providers, and subject-matter experts on how to implement and optimize your direct mail and shipping.

3. Stay in the know

Get advice and support with the best practices that help improve mailing and shipping effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. You'll also keep tabs on the latest Postal Service promotions and incentives encouraging innovative uses of mail and channel integration, as well as shipping trends that could benefit your customer and your bottom line.

4. Help your business grow

Geet up to speed when it comes to information, training, webinars, seminars, and nationally accredited education certification programs related to mailing and shipping.

5. Get easy access to the PCC community

Take advantage of PCC meetings with various speakers and topics plus educational workshops throughout the year. This includes participation of both local and national Postal Service and industry leaders whose insight and expertise of mail and postal shipping products can give you a leg up.

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The PCC is a postal-sponsored organization. The mission of the PCC Program is to:

  • Promote local cooperation and support and to foster a close working relationship between the U.S. Postal Service and all businesses that use the mail to communicate and interact with their customers;
  • Share information and facilitate the exchange of ideas about new and existing Postal Service products, programs, services, and procedures that affect all businesses that use the mail; and
  • Help PCC industry members and their organizations grow and develop professionally through focused educational programs.