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January 17, 2019

Price Change & Mail Classification

Join us on Thursday, January 17, 2019

at 433 W. Harrison St, 3rd Floor

Registration starts at 8 AM


The Chicago PCC is providing you with a thorough overview of the 2019 rate changes that effect letters, flat, and package services. 


USPS Rates are changing on January 27 -  We're going to tell you where are the savings, not just the increases. Examples: First Class 1-ounce letter rates are going up, but the 2nd-ounce surcharge is going down, significantly. Heavier is better. First Class Packages are significantly changed by the addition of zone-based pricing similar to Priority Mail and the other package services.  Now postage for your First Class package is determined by weight and the distance traveled. This program provides you with an understanding of how to navigate these changes.


And, we will be telling you about the 2019 USPS Promotions - Learn about all the promotions offered for 2019  Including receiving postage credit for using BRM/CRM/ShareMail and the 2% postage discount with Informed Delivery campaigns.  


Our Presenter  Stephen Colella is a recipient of the USPS Industry Excellence Award for Progressive Mailing Practices in the Advertising Mail and Print Industry.  Starting his career in 1973, Mr. Colella has held a variety of management positions in production, customer service, sales, and postal affairs. Today, Mr. Colella is Vice President of Postal Affairs for The Calmark Group, located in Bedford Park, IL.  The Calmark Group is a large mail services provider mailing over 600 million pieces for its customers.   



8 am - Registration & Refreshments

8:45 am - Welcome Members - USPS Update

9:00 am - 2019 Rate Case Change

10:30 am - USPS 2019 Promotions


Registration is FREE for Chicago PCC Individual & Corporate members.

Non-members: $18.


Parking available in the Customer Parking Lot, Lower Level - Please check in with the guard. Access to the meeting room is on the FIrst Floor of the main post office, tower level (west end of the lobby). Please bring your photo ID.


The Chicago PCC provides affordable training programs to stay on top of mail innovations as well as the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with USPS experts to develop more effective, efficient, and profitable mailings. The Chicago PCC has been awarded Platinum and Gold Awards for its programming contributions to the industry.


Please contact Business Mail Entry with questions at (312) 983-8455.

$ 18.00
February 21, 2019

EPS & Seamless Acceptance

Seamless Acceptance - Seamless Acceptance provides more information and control of your mailings at the USPS. There are many rewards for using Seamless Acceptance, but the program is not for all mailers. Join us for this important program to understand the ins and outs of this service from the USPS.

Enterprise Payment System (EPS): Getting Started - EPS replaces CAPS, which is scheduled to no longer be used by mid-2019. Learn about the new EPS system's enhanced security features, centralized balance and account management, and self-service customer experience.  Staff will be on hand to assist in setting up your new EPS account. Please print your CRID, Business Customer Gateway Log in and Photo ID.  

$ 18.00
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